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EQUI TREN E 400mg x 10mL






What is EQUI TREN E 400?

EQUI TREN E 400 is one of the most successful mixes of two injectable steroids. The main effect is aimed at gaining muscle mass and strength. This cycle is well suited for bodybuilders who avoid oral steroids because of their negative effects on internal organs, in particular – liver. As you know, an injectable form of anabolic steroids does not harm liver and stomach at a time when pills can harm health.

Equipoise is an injectable anabolic, which is designed to gain quality muscle mass, without a risk of side effects. This drug is often used by bodybuilders during bulking cycles. This steroid well increases appetite, while improving protein synthesis, in addition, has a weak aromatization.

Trenbolone Enanthate is one of the most popular injectable anabolic steroids. Most often, this anabolic is present in cycles on strength and mass, because its effect is very fast and predictable. This drug works already from the first injections and immediately increases efficiency, after a few days, a power increase is noticed. With each subsequent day of the cycle, bodybuilders notices an increase in muscle volume and an increase in strength. The fact of some water accumulation is obvious, but when using not large average dosages, it does not look globally.

Effect of admission:

  • Rapid and pronounced muscle growth;
  • Constant increase in strength and endurance;
  • Increases in the exchange of phosphorus and nitrogen in muscle tissues;
  • Absence of pain in joints and ligaments;
  • Acceleration of regeneration processes of damaged muscle tissues;
  • Motivation for strength training and an improvement of general condition of the body;
  • Increases red blood cells;
  • Reduces likelihood of overtraining;
  • Increases sexual activity (libido);
  • Improves appetite.

How is EQUI TREN E 400 used?

The duration of this cycle will be maintained in the framework of an average rate of 5 weeks. The total amount of substance on cycle – 10 mL. The approximate result of an average bodybuilder for this cycle may be a 5 kg increase muscle mass and noticeable power growth.

You should start this cycle at 2 mL per week. When using such doses, you should not count on any side effects. In this proposed cycle, an average dosage was chosen, which implies taking it 2 times a week for 1 mL at a time. Days for injection choose Monday – Thursday, and so on for 5 weeks. You can choose any specific time for intramuscular injections, it is not significant, it is not recommended to take this steroid only at bedtime. This drug is smooth and soft, so its work will be noticeable after 10 days. To store in the refrigerator is not necessary, EQUI TREN E 400, like other anabolic steroids do not change their properties at room temperature.

It is also recommended to purchase sports nutrition, not necessarily the most expensive and branded. Do not refuse sport nutrition, it is a guarantee of better performance in muscle growth and preservation of results.

Adverse effects

First of all, we draw your attention that this cycle is offered for an average amateur athlete. Dosages are selected based on average weight and are not designed for an experienced athlete. If you are a beginner, then the average daily doses are as close as possible to your rates. Manifestations of side effects throughout this cycle should not occur.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

On PCT, most bodybuilders recommend using Clomid or Nolvadex. Clomid is most often referred to as it is less toxic than Nolvadex. Taking this drug after a cycle of steroids helps to quickly restore the athlete’s hormones. Everyone knows that any anabolic steroid can suppress the production of testosterone, and natural recovery is delayed for up to six months or more. That is why, try to recover as quickly as possible, which will save your results and return the body’s work to the usual direction.


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