5 Star Steroids

About us

5 Star Steroids has been in business since 2019. We offer a wide range of products at competitive prices with an emphasis on top-notch quality, impeccable communication, customer service, and professionalism with a 5 Star Rating.

Our team is here to ensure that all our customers can order and receive genuine 5 Star Steroids products quickly, discretely, and safely by navigating our easy to use website, payment system and our first class service.

5 Star Steroids products are made of extremely high quality pharmaceutical ingredients with super smooth sterile injectables and top quality oral products which cover all aspects of bodybuilding whether it’s the Pro’s at competition level or for the private individual for building muscle, burning fat or just overall body shaping and conditioning.

All 5 Star Steroids products are are kept to within the correct pharmaceutical milligram or microgram ranges and we guarantee this by way of regular batch testing to give our customers peace of mind that what it states on the labels is exactly what is inside. 

This ensures that from novice to pro, even our most discerning customers can plan their cycles and gains to perfection.